Hidden (and Not so Hidden) Costs of Driving a Car

Hidden (and Not so Hidden) Costs of Driving a Car

Hidden (and Not so Hidden) Costs of Driving a Car

The main consideration most people take into account when purchasing a car is whether or not they can afford the car payments. A closer look, however, may give you a more accurate view of driving expenses and may even ultimately save you money.

Interest Rates

Look closely at the interest rate you are paying on your car and see if there may be a less expensive alternative. Interest rates are a major contributor to the cost of driving a car, yet most don’t know how much their car loan is costing them.


If you are like most, you fill up when you are running low on fuel. But is that every week, every two weeks or longer? Monitoring how often you fill up the tank can help you make more informed choices about your travels.


There are hidden costs that most car owners don’t pay much attention to. These include license plates, registration, and even the cost of a driver’s license.

Maintenance, Upkeep, and Repairs

The cost of tires, oil changes, wipers, brakes, belts, and hoses can add up quickly. When you don’t budget for them, they can really hurt the pocketbook. Delaying maintenance on items like brakes may just lead to more expensive repairs. Even that $10 monthly car wash can add up.

Tolls and Parking

In some cities, tolls and parking are a serious expense, but may not be properly budgeted for.

Car Insurance

Of course, a significant expense for many is the cost of automobile insurance. While every state has some form of financial responsibility law, there is good news. First, you can affect your car insurance rates to lower them, and you have the opportunity to compare rates.

You can lower your rate by driving safer, purchasing a safer car, and avoiding traffic tickets. But the easiest way to save may be to simply compare rates.

This is where our independent car insurance agents can help. They can reach out to multiple car insurance companies in search of a rate you can feel comfortable with.

When you feel like there’s nothing you can do about the cost of driving, it is time to compare car insurance rates. Contact our independent agents for help.

Be Confidently Insured.


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