Garage Sale Bingo

Garage Sale Bingo

Garage Sale Bingo

If you love going to garage and yard sales, you know there are certain items that you are more likely to see than others. This lends itself to a game within the game…garage sale bingo. Here are easy to find items you want on your bingo card.

Exercise Equipment

From weights to treadmills, you are likely to at least see some exercise equipment on your travels. We are not sure what that says about us, but anyone who likes going to yard sales will testify that it is true.

Bread Makers

We guess once you make bread, you’ve done it and the thrill is gone. Either that or it is much easier to spend a couple of bucks to buy a loaf.

Holiday Decorations

You may find some beautiful hand-crafted vintage items or bags of questionable mini-lights, but almost every yard or garage sale may have some holiday decorations. If you focus on particular items like Santa’s or snowmen you may find some treasures. It may also just be another mark on your garage sale bingo card.

DVDs and CDs

These are a frequent sight at garage sales as technology changes. Discs that at one time cost $15-$20 or more can now be found for 50 cents to a dollar.

Cables, Cords, and Chargers

If you can find the exact one you need, it is jackpot time. If not, you may just encounter a box of tangled cords. Cords and cables and chargers are so commonly found they might as well be a Free Space in garage bingo.


You always hope the previous user got better, but rehabilitation items always seem to have an aura about them. If you see them, it is another mark on your bingo card.


It is interesting to see where people have been. Pennants, shot glasses, thimbles, plates, and small spoons are just a few of the items they have invested heavily in, only to sell them for a quarter or two.

You can probably add more to the list, including shoes, old computer items, children’s car seats, board games, and loads of other items. Want to add some interest to your next Saturday of going to garage sales? Create your own bingo card or scavenger hunt to add to the fun.

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