(Insurance) Myth Busters: Your RED Car?

(Insurance) Myth Busters: Your RED Car?

So, you just got your brand new, 2018 Mercedes E 300. You’re ready to take it for a cruise out in the open—where there’s few cars and few police officers. Sounds fine and dandy—until you realize your car is red. You’re starting to panic, realizing: your insurance will be more expensive for the entire time you have it and you’ll be more likely to get pulled over. You’d be pleased to hear that this is actually a myth.

The truth is, it’s rare that an insurance company will ask the color of your car while quoting your insurance policy. The second truth is that, the only time you really paid more for your car is when you chose red on the lot. Cars that are not white are generally more expensive, whether it’s red, blue, green, etc. The only time you’ll have to worry about your chances of getting pulled over being higher than any other car is when you’re speeding.

Chances are, if you’ve got a red car and your insurance premium seems high, it has a lot more to do with your driving record, your age, possibly the model of your car. But, fortunately, the color of your vehicle doesn’t play a role in the price of your insurance.

Rest easy, your insurance company is not going to add an extra fee for your red car.

 By: KayLynn

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