Why Do Your Customers Like You?

Why Do Your Customers Like You?

Why Do Your Customers Like You?

In these days of digital marketing and social media, being “liked” is more important than ever. But it’s not just about numbers. WHY do your customers like you? Exploring for the answers may be a key to help you in building your business.

Categorize Likes

When you get positive reviews, they can usually be placed into categories. They may like you because of your staff or friendly services, pricing, location, hours, selection, or professional knowledge and experience. Every time a review, comment, or social media post mentions one of these subjects, give it a point. It won’t take long before a picture will begin to develop of why your customers like you.

Ask Them

If you’ve never conducted an online, social media, or email poll of your customers, now may be a good time. You may find out that your customers appreciate your helpful knowledge more than they do your pricing or your selection more than your location. While you are at it, don’t be afraid to ask where you may be falling short.

Maybe They Don’t Like Your Competition

It may not be the most uplifting thought in the world, but perhaps your customers like you because your competition is so bad. The problem with that is that there is room for another competitor. This, however, is a good reason to know your competition and to read their reviews and comments. Make sure you excel where they are coming up short.

Take Your Best Clients Out to Lunch

They will be complimented that you value their opinion and will enjoy a free lunch. You can gain some valuable insight into why they do business with you, who THEY consider your competition to be, and what they may view as important trends.

In business, it can be natural to always be seeking out the next customer or to examine why we may have lost one. It can also be equally important to understand why our current customers like us enough to continue to do business with us.

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