Reasons Cars Are So Much Better Now Than Fifty Years Ago

Reasons Cars Are So Much Better Now Than Fifty Years Ago

Reasons Cars Are So Much Better Now Than Fifty Years Ago

If you’ve ever been to a car show you’ve likely heard visitors and proud owners alike exclaim ‘They don’t make them like this anymore.” That is both true and a good thing. Here are just some of the reasons cars are so much better now than 50 years ago.


Changing tires along the roadway used to be commonplace. Every adult used to have the experience of getting out the jack and attempting to get lug nuts off. Back then, spare tires were full size as well. Today, tires are so reliable they can be guaranteed up to 100,000 or more and spare tires are referred to as “donuts”.

Engine Durability

Speaking of 100,000 miles, this used to be a point of pride for car owners. Today, with some routine maintenance, car engines can easily last well beyond that. High mileage engines were often considered worn out. Not today.

Gas Mileage

Back when gasoline prices were 20 to 30 cents a gallon, no one, manufacturer or owner, cared about fuel mileage. It wasn’t uncommon for big engine cars to get mileage in the single digits. Today, mileage ratings frequently reach the 30 or even 40 mph range, with even big pick-up trucks hitting the 20 mpg range.


Have you ever really looked at the interior of a classic car? They were built like a sofa on wheels with a giant metal dashboard in front. Exteriors were all about design paying little attention to safety. For a long while, rear seats didn’t even have seat belts. “C’mon kids we’re going for a Sunday drive!”


Imagine packing up for a 12 hour ride on vacation and all you have for entertainment is an AM radio. You almost needed a “designated dialer” to keep a clear signal coming in as you drove. No wonder the kids kept saying “Are we there yet,? Are we there yet?”

It can be great to look back fondly on some of those old classic cars and the memories they carried, but make no mistake, cars were not better then. They may have been more stylish, distinctive and imaginative, but they were not better, and certainly not safer.

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